Ben Díaz

Mostly known for being the man who created ARRI SkyPanel X and SGM Q-8 lighting fixtures, I am a Senior Lighting Designer, Product Manager, Director of Photography and Educator with a long and satisfying career focused in lighting, cinematography, video, product development, technical marketing, and design.

While developing my skills as Senior Executive for lighting manufacturers, I frequently speak at webinars, lectures, and technical masterclasses for schools, associated professionals, and non-profit organisations. In 2023 I decided to collect many of these experiences into a virtual community of users. I called it 🔺Lighting Adepts🔺

After joining professional crews in 32 countries from 4 continents, accumulating 20+ years of experience in AV media and lighting technology, I still love to learn about state-of-the-art concepts, and to study new educational materials. What I really enjoy is leading brands, products, and teams that are committed to high-end quality, continuous innovation, and user-centered design, creating strategies based on extensive research, accurate validation procedures, and creative passion. And obviously, to talk about lighting.